The Price of Big Dreams and Senior Travel Insurance

Finally, everything is mapped out for that long-time dream vacation to the famous Kohala Coast of Hawaii. There is just one hitch, the senior travel insurance quotation is simply staggering and the coverage too wanting. The reason: the ones taking the trip is a couple over 65 years old who happened to be classified as high risks.

It is a fact that senior citizens usually have medical pre-conditions that weigh down senior travel insurance business. However, recently more and more senior citizens are traveling and for longer periods; about 15 to 16% of travelers in the US are senior citizens. With medical advancements and healthier lifestyle, older people are getting fit and less sickly.

Moreover, with medical alert systems like Bay Alarm Medical, Lifeline, or Life Alert, senior citizens are more confident leaving their homes and enjoying their twilight years. However, seniors who rely on insurance coverage in case of medical emergencies are probably wondering does medicaid cover life alert. Well, it would be best to ask your agent since there are some private insurance plans that do cover medical alert systems. It’s better to ask the rightful people than making assumptions for a worry-free travel.

Retiring is looked upon by many as the time to pursue dreams and advocacies that were missed out while younger. Traveling is one big dream that many hopes to achieve before they get too old for it. If that big dream is to be pursued, here are some tips to help you:

  • Plan in advance and give priority to senior travel insurance particularly if there are pre-existing medical conditions. Work on improving health because even with insurance, you would not want to be hospitalized rather than enjoying the pleasures of vacation. Besides, you need it to get clearance from your doctor because it is required by the insurance.
  • Shop and compare different insurance companies and their policies. You would need the most comprehensive coverage and benefits. Using the Internet, compare by using tools like senior travel insurance reviews and easy-to-use quote engines. Comparing means a side by side contrasting not only of price quotation but of the level of cover, meaning what is and what is not covered including repatriation in case of emergency.
  • Make sure that you have declared every pre-existing medical condition or you won’t be covered.

In addition, compare the excess involved or the amount that you must pay before the insurance company starts paying. Compare multi-trip and single-trip policies if you travel with frequency. The coverage must also include cancellation, delays, and loss of properties in the policy.

Finally, the big day! With comprehensive senior travel insurance, that big dream is yours for the taking.

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